Estimating Website Revenue

Below is a custom website revenue estimator we created to estimate potential monthly Adsense revenue for a #1 ranking site. It's helpful when evaluating exact match domains and/or keywords. Use to find estimated monthly search volume and CPC data, and enter it into the tool below to find your estimated monthly revenue.

This tool is based on average click through rates for a #1 ranking site, average ad click rates per visitor, and your share of CPC revenue (adjusted for lower content network CPCs). The long tail multiplier can be used to multiply the revenue potential based on ranking for additional long tail terms.

Adsense Revenue Estimator
Estimated Monthly Volume:
Estimated CPC:
Long Tail Multiplier:
Your estimated monthly revenue is:

In the image below you'll see our comments in red detailing where you can select for match types and additional columns, including CPC (cost per click). By default the CPC column is not included in Google's tool.

Google Adwords Keyword Tool

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