The Limitless Theme for Wordpress

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Limitless is the ideal Wordpress theme for those looking to create a unique website or blog powered by Wordpress, fast. While there are thousands of free and paid WP themes on the web, Limitless is different. It's a blank slate with as few design elements and as little code as possible, allowing you to customize it any way you choose without having to undo complicated design elements first. If you're looking for a streamlined CMS that you can get up and running today, this is the template for you.

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The Limitless Difference

Installing Limitless

Once you have Wordpress installed, it's very easy to implement our custom theme. Simply download the file, unzip it, move the entire Limitless folder into your /wp-content/themes/ folder, and you'll be able to activate it from your Appearance > Themes menu. Here's a quick tutorial:

1. After downloading, unzip the file.

2. Using or your favorite FTP program, move the entire Limitless folder to your /wp-content/themes/ folder:

Upload the Theme

3. Locate the Limitless theme by clicking Appearance in your WP control panal, and click "Activate":

Activate Limitless

That's it. You're done.

Free Download


Following the steps above shouldn't take you more than 5 minutes, and once you have Limitless installed you can customize it to make it uniquely your own. Changing the background color or adding a background image can be done right in the Wordpress control panel, as can making modifications to what's displayed in the sidebar. By editing the template files either using a free editor like or directly in the control panel you can easily make changes to any other aspect of the theme you want. You'll need to know basic HTML and CSS to do so, but assuming you do, editing Limitless couldn't be easier. Here's a short video demonstrating some example customizations:

Additional Instructions: Modifying the Sidebar

The Limitless theme includes a dynamic sidebar, meaning you can change what is displayed on your sidebar by going to Appearance > Widgets in your WP control panel, and simply drag and drop whatever you'd like to display.

Create the Sidebar

Adding a Custom Logo

Let's go over adding a custom image logo so you can see how easy it is. Open the header.php file either with your favorite text editor or through the WP control panel. Take a look at the logo and description lines below. You'll see the references to the logo text (name of your blog) and description (tagline):

adding a custom logo

To add a logo or image all you need to do is put the HTML code for the image you'd like to add right before the "logo" lines. You'll probably want to either put the image within a new CSS div or create a new CSS image class, so you can better control the position and spacing of your image/logo. In the code below, you'll see that I've added our logo to the code:

adding a custom logo 2

Notice I've wrapped the image reference in a custom div id called mcmlogo. Here's what I've added to the CSS file:

adding a custom logo 3

With those two simple changes, we've added a custom logo to the theme:

adding a custom logo 4

Of course you can just as easily get rid of the WP logo and description text and replace them with an image (linking the image to your home page). You might also consider adding a gradient background image via the WP control panel (Limitless includes custom background functionality inside the WP control panel) or the style.css file, changing the sidebar design by changing the font, color, or background, etc. In any case, modifying Limitless is both easy and fast.

Recommended Additions for SEO

The Limitless template is stripped down to be as SEO friendly as possible, with no unnecessary code bloat. Even still, you can improve SEO elements by adding some of the WP plugins recommended on our Wordpress page. And once you've got your site up and running, be sure to see our sections on monetization and website promotion. If you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact us.