Free Tools

Building a business on the web requires tools and software for both research and development. Below you'll find all of the tools we use in our business, and the best part is...they're all free.

Keyword Reasearch

: Google's keyword volume tool, where you can find estimated monthly traffic volume for keyword phrases.

: Use this in conjunction with Google's keyword tool above, to double check on the relative volume of different terms.

Hungry Piranha Revenue Estimator: Our custom Adsense based revenue estimator, used for estimating the income potential for a #1 ranked site for a specific keyword phrase.

Coding and Web Development

Free Website Template: Our custom website template with static and dynamic elements, allowing for maximum flexibility with no "code bloat"...or everything you need with nothing you don't.

: This is an incredible text editor, which you can use to write or edit code for your websites. The search and replace functions are a major time saver.

: A great Firefox add-on to help you with web development.

: An excellent, free FTP program you can use to transfer files from your computer to your web server.

: A free program that creates a web development server for Windows computers. This software will allow you to view your websites on your computer without first uploading them to a server.

: Another free program to create a virtual server on your computer.

: Web development server program for Macs.

Photo Editing

: You'll need an image editor to create and modify images for your site. Gimp is a free, open source program that will do almost everything you can do with Adobe Photoshop.

: A free favicon generator.

Search Engine Optimization

: Excellent, free online tool for checking the backlinks of both your own site and the competition.

: The best Firefox toolbar for providing information about any website you visit including link counts, page rank, age, traffic value, and more.

: A free rank checker that will check rank in Google, Yahoo, and Bing.

: Firefox add-on that will add lots of important SEO details on sites directly into Google's search results.

: An extremely useful tool to make sure you don't have any broken links on your website...for Window's only.

: Similar to Xenu, this tool works on the Mac OS, and not only finds broken links but also creates XML sitemaps.

Other Tools and Software

: An outstanding free open source office suit that includes everything you get with Microsoft Office and more. It can open and save files as MSOffice files, so there is no longer a need to pay for Office.

Useful Tutorials

How to Install Wordpress: An easy to follow tutorial on installing WordPress both with one-click-installs and custom installations.

Securing Wordpress: A tutorial with a variety of ways to secure your WordPress installation to keep it safe from hackers.

How to Make an HTML Quiz: A very easy to follow tutorial on making online quizzes for your website.

How to Create an Online Calculator: Another tutorial with simple cut-and-paste code for developing your own custom calculators for your site.