Hiking Trip

Hiking Vacation

One of the great things about working on the web is that it allows you to work from anywhere in the world, go on vacation whenever you like, and reduce your workload as much as you want.  Creating a successful internet business and maintaining that success isn’t easy.  The web is extremely fast paced and competitive, and in general you’ll probably be working more than most people with traditional jobs.  It can get stressful if you let it, and many people who work on the web end up perpetually glued to their screens, barely going outside much less on vacation.  So it’s not only important to get out and unplugged, but necessary for your health and sanity.

My wife and I take at least 2 months vacation each year, and usually more.  We couldn’t do that with most other jobs.  We work hard when we’re home, but we make sure to take time off for exercise, not work on the weekends, and go on great vacations often.  We’ve been on a hiking trip for the last few days, and won’t be back to work for another two weeks.  So unless there’s really bad weather and I’ve got something web related on my mind, I probably won’t post for another 2 weeks.  If you’re running an internet business, working hard, and haven’t been on vacation for a while…follow my lead and book yourself a trip!  You’ll be glad you did.