Here’s a simple tutorial on creating a page where your visitors can subscribe to your blog via email or feed readers, like this.

If you’ve got a WordPress site, you’ve already got RSS functionality built in.  However, it’s probably not set up so people can easily subscribe via their favorite feed reader, and definitely not set up to allow visitors to subscribe via email.  To create your own page with options, first, set up or log into your Google account on their :


After you’ve added your feed URL, which with WordPress should be, you’ll be taken to a page with tabs at the top.  Click on the Optimize tab, and then on the SmartFeed link:


Go ahead and activate that, as it will properly format your feed. Do the same for the BrowserFriendly and FeedFlare sections, adding social networking links with FeedFlare.

Now click on the Publicize tab, and Email Subscriptions in the left sidebar. This is what you’ll get:

Feedburner Email Subscribe

The code you see in the box right above this text is what you’ll need to copy and paste into your new WordPress Feed page. That will create the form where visitors can enter their email address to subscribe to your feed.  Go ahead and copy that code and paste it into a Notepad or TextEdit page to use in just a moment.

Click on the Publicize tab again, and then click on the friendly graphic link in the middle of the page. Here’s where you’ll end up:

Feedburner Subscription Options

Notice I’ve got the radio button next to the Google Reader option selected.  The HTML code is displayed at the bottom of the page, so insert that image and link so visitors can subscribe with Google Reader.  Select each of the options you’d like to offer on your feed page, copy the code, and paste it below the code for the email subscribe box in your Notepad or TextEdit document.

Making Your Page

Now it’s time to make your page.  In the WordPress admin area, create a new page.  I’ve named mine “Subscribe to the Hungry Piranha Blog”.  Click on the HTML tab and paste in the code you copied from Google’s FeedBurner pages.  Add a couple of headings like I did on my page, a bit of explanation, and your page is ready to go.

Adding Your Link

Depending on where you’ve got your subscribe link, you’ll want to change it to your new page rather than the default WordPress link to  My link is in the header.php file, so I simply went in and changed it to the newly created page.

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